​​Power Planner
Your Daily Blueprint
To a Productive and Profitable Life

Dan could never find a planner that was quite right for him. Everything he came across was either too detailed and confusing or did nothing more than his iPhone calendar could handle.

So, he set out to design his own perfect planner. After months of drawings and tests, changes and tweaks, he had completed the Power Planner as a PDF document for himself. After repeated requests from those close to him who knew about the custom project Dan agreed to make a printable version available to everyone in the hope it would also help others lead more powerful, more productive and more profitable lives.

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  1. Executive Director
    Caroline Pinal
    Helped create Giveback Homes to empower the real estate industry to turn everyday business into opportunity for social good.
  2. Executive Director
    Jim Walberg
    Listed on Inman News “The 200 Real Estate Influencers of 2017” and 2016's “21 Most Interesting People in Real Estate”
  3. Executive Director
    Jeff Quintin
    Ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the #44 agent in the U.S., selling 175+ homes per year with over 4,000 sales in his career.
  4. Executive Director
    Leslie Appleton-Young
    Moderating a WomanUP Panel
    A C.A.R initiative to bridge the gap between the number of women in real estate and those leading their own brokerages.
  5. Executive Director
    Kendyl Young
    Her customer first, detail oriented style of business has led to 30+ successful years and the launch of her own brokerage.
  6. Executive Director
    Sam Real
    Has sold over $200 million in the luxury market and appears on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and New York.
  1. Executive Director
    Jessie Morfin
    Founder of Gateway Home Services. Sold 150+ rental purchases in four years. 150+ flips in the last seven years.
  2. Executive Director
    Angie & Ed Wright
    In 1994 founded the agent-owned Regency Real Estate Brokers which became the #1 selling office in Orange County.
  3. Executive Director
    Amy Leong
    Partner of a powerhouse real estate duo in Vancouver, Canada which has sold over $70 million through August of 2017.
  4. Executive Director
    Bradley Pounds
    President and COO of Watters International Realty in Austin, Texas. Co-Author of The Million Dollar Real Estate Team.
  5. Executive Director
    Britt Davis
    With over a decade in the industry, this 30-year-old sells an average of $30 million annually.
  6. Executive Director
    Joe Curtis
    Chief Operating Officer for the Pango Group, the point man for facilitating the organization's strategic initiatives.
  1. Executive Director
    Frank Lopez
    Author of “A Do-it-yourself Guide to the Probate Process” and “101 Questions I’ve Been Asked About Probate”.
  2. Executive Director
    Eric Simon
    Co-creator and CEO of The Broke Agent, a media brand focused on the entertainment of real estate professionals.
  3. Executive Director
    Angie and Ed Wright
    In 1994 founded the agent-owned Regency Real Estate Brokers which became the #1 selling office in Orange County.
  4. Executive Director
    Jordan G. Levine
    Economist for the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.), an organization with more than 190,000 members.
  5. Executive Director
    Frank Del Rio
    Recognized as the top 2% internationally in Coldwell Banker. And he did it within four years of moving to the OC.
  6. Executive Director
    Dave Huey
    Founder and CEO of Sound Equity, financing tens of millions of dollars per month to top-tier real estate investors.
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