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Daily Victory Log
​​A Day-by-Day Roadmap to a
Successful a nd Balanced Life

Start your day by reading a thought-provoking quote.

Spend a minute writing down how you are going to implement the quote's message or idea into your day.

Make a point of recognizing all of your day's victories, both small and large to begin the process of re-training your mindset and your focus. Wrap up your day by jotting down a few key victories and memories. 

This is your Daily Victory Log, designed by Dan for his own personal use. It is now being shared with all who want a guidance to leading a more successful and balanced life.
  • ​Understand why failing is the key to success
  • Identify the blueprint to achieving your goals
  • Learn to find balance in today's hectic world
  • Explore how to bounce back from the lowest of lows
  • ​Discover methods to improve your mindset and focus​​​

For the first time, Dan has put his personal stories on paper so that others may learn not only from his mistakes, but also from his victories. Complete with intimate details of some of his worst days, including bankruptcy and near homelessness, in Failing Greatly Dan shares how he bounced back and found success and balance in both life and business and how others can do the same.
May 24, 2017
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